Made a few simple character mockups last night! Pixel art character mockups

Seems like the pixel art will be the easiest part of the game. I’ve been procrastinating on starting Godot tutorials. Godot seems a little overwhelming and the youtube tutorials have been really boring so far, so I made a rough plan for building and figuring out Godot to try to break it up. I’m going to do the bare minimum to figure out all of the necessary elements for the game. Once I’m familiar with how to add all the parts I can build the real thing.

I’m planning on spending roughly a few days to a week on each of the below bullet points. While working on them I’m hoping I’ll get inspired about how to go about the rest.


  • TileMaps
    • Do Godot tilemap tutorial
    • Build simple tilemap with a few buildings and add them to Ned’s world. Add collision properties so you cant walk through buildings.
  • Buildings
    • Add an indoor tileset and make two small indoor scenes.
    • Make the doors in the Ned’s world useable to go to the indoor scenes.
  • NPCs
    • Add some NPCs that walk around (business people on the street)
  • Dialogue
    • Three dialogue modes I want to implement:
      1. speech bubbles overhead for conversations
      2. conversations you can walk away from
      3. conversations of passerby that activate when you walk near them.
    • counters/ a way for NPCs to say different dialogue after you’ve already talked to them.
  • Time loop counter and overlay menu
    • Need to see how much time has passed
  • Notebook interface
    • Add keywords to dialogue that get added to the notebook when you see them.
    • Add shortkey to open notebook
  • Computer Interface
    • Design the computer interface (something like don’t feed the monkeys, but without mouse interaction if possible), and how to access it when standing in front of a computer in the overworld.
    • add some basic websites
    • Should be able to look up keywords from the notebook on search engine or face place.
    • hacking, etc tbd
  • Inventory menu
    • key items/money counter
  • Combat system
    • still need to hash out what this will be exactly and whether or not it will be combat.
  • TODO
    • Time loop restart
    • Main menu/pause menu
    • How to save state
    • Subway fast travel system.
    • Interface for saving time loop states/resetting/etc
    • NPCs joining party (necessary?)
  • Bells and Whistles
    • Transport mechanisms (bike, skateboard)