I decided to take a break from thinking about 4 Days and entered my first game jam: Godot Wild Jam 40.

Really had a blast and got a great introduction to itch.io and the game jam world. It’s a nice break to just go make a completely new game from scratch in a short time span and then immediately get feedback and validation from internet strangers. And for me it was a very educational break in terms of learning new tricks for developing other projects. I may yet enter a few more.

They say taking the time to follow good coding practices saves you time in the long run. Normally I pride myself on good code, but I threw my pride out the window for this jam, telling myself the ugliness was worth it to make a really good entry within the time allowed. How much time I ended up paying for my spaghetti code I do not know, but I did pay for it severely when sprucing up the game afterward for a presentable post-jam version.