I wasn’t mentally ready to join the workforce after I graduated, so I’m making this game instead :)

More info to come.


4 Days is primarily developed with the Godot Engine and GDscript. Art is made with Aseprite.

In the Dev Log, I chronicle my creation process and learning experience. When I cannot find suitable tutorials online, I will go over how I achieved certain features in my game with Godot, as a way of giving back to the Godot Project. Perhaps it can help new developers use Godot for their 2D pixel games.

I have a computer background and plenty of experiencing programming, but no experience with graphics or gamedev, and my logs will reflect that. I appreciate any comments with tips or suggestions for best practices.

Time Line

This project is still in its infancy, and will likely take over a year to complete. I am working on a small playable demo to post online that will hopefully be ready by Summer 2022.